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Were any lives lost throughout the Gaspee affair?
Adapted from articles originally posted at Gaspee Forum (now defunct) on 10/15/2001
Q.: Were any lives lost throughout the Gaspee affair?
Posted by: LadyA74
A.: To answer your question; while the commander of the HMS Gaspee was wounded by being shot in the groin, he survived quite well and became a Rear Admiral in the Royal Navy. There is some vague reference given only by Lt. Dudingston himself (recorded by the court secretary) during his court-martial while cross-examining Midshipman William Dickinson. "Mr. Dudingston acquainted the Court that he was informed that one of the People in the Boats was privately buried ashore." (p. 136). Unfortunately, we cannot ascertain this reference because of the secrecy surrounding the affair and its participants at the time. It was a dark night, and many of the raiders may not have known each other, but if any others knew his name, they carried it to their graves. We can state that shots were fired by the sentry and by Lt. Dudingston in defense of their ship, but there is no other record of any person being wounded other than Lt Dudingston himself.

Posted by: Dr. John Concannon Date: 10/15/2001

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