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Just what is the correct pronunciation of "Gaspee"
Adapted from articles originally posted at Gaspee Forum on 4/8/2001

What is the proper prounciation of the word Gaspee? GAS-pee, gas-PEE, gas-PAY. We'll ask the director of tourism information for the Gaspee Peninsula Region in Canada, who will be considered authoritive...But we still probably won't change the way we pronounce it here in Rhode Island, which is GAS-pee!

Dr. John Concannnon
Webmaster, Gaspee Virtual Archives 

To answer your question, you're right when you say there is a difference between pronunciations in French and English. Also, there is two meanings about the word Gaspé.

In French:  Pronounce GassPAY.   Good spelling: Gaspé.  In French, Gaspé means only the town of Gaspé. The Peninsula is called Gaspésie. The word Gaspé comes from MicMac (natives) language: Gespeg.

In English: The pronounciation is between GassPAY and GassPEE. But it's closer to GassPAY.  Good spelling: Gaspé or Gaspe. In English, Gaspé means the town of Gaspé but also the Peninsula which is called Gaspé Peninsula. It's a mistake to say Gaspesia but Gaspésie is accepted.


Stéphane Gauthier
Director of Tourism Information, Gaspesie

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