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1770 Providence, RI Taxpayers List & Maps

The following information is compiled from data collected by Henry R. Chace c1905. Mr Chace painstakingly researched the names and locations of taxed plats in varoius periods of Providence history.  He then published a series of maps detailing who, where, and when Providence residents lived.  We owe much to his exactitude.

Chace's information in map form is too large to present on-line with present technology, so our friend LHB of the Joseph Bucklin Society studiously took Chace's maps and created a database of who lived where.  Since many of the known raiders of the Gaspee were prominent shopkeepers, ship-captains, and other people of prominence, it can be surmised that these lists of taxpayers will undoubtedly include the names of people both previously known and previously unknown to us that took part in the burning of the Gaspee. By comparing the locations of known Gaspee raiders (presented in BOLD), we arrive at the ability to discover who their close neighbors were, and, basicly, ALL are suspects to have been involved.

Click here to read 14June1806 article from the Providence Phenix describing all of the street naming revisions of that year (.gif)
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