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The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation has graciously provided on-line editions of the original Virginia Gazette, complete with index.  This is a terrific resource for researchers of colonial life and issues. Many of their articles are simple repostings from newpapers located elsewhere in the colonies, so we are now able to access some articles relevant to the Gaspee Affair by this second-hand source. The following links are to the Virginia Gazette are of interest and the information is not provided elsewhere on the Gaspee Virtual Archives. The main index for the Virginia Gazette is at:  The text of the newspaper is too small and erratic to easily be scanned in, and we're far too lazy to do it by hand, but if you do it, please send us a copy!  Thanks.

Rhode Island Assembly adopts a resolution denying the authority of the Gaspee investigatory commission in sending culprits to England for trial. Quoted from the Providence Gazette Jan 9, 1773, appearing in the Virginia Gazette Feb. 1, 1773.

Reaction to Gaspee investigatory commmission  1-21-1773

Dockyards Act  5-6-1773, letter from Hillsborough

Letter from Americanus (Sam Adams?) 1-28-1773
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