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1777 Map of Narragansett Bay
by Charles Blaskowitz, London. 1771 revised in 1777
Digital image courtesy of the David Rumsey Historical Map Collection, with permission.
Map text reads as follows:

A Topographical CHART of the
BAY of NARRAGANSET in the Province of NEW ENGLAND.
with the ISLES contained therein, among which
have been particularly SURVEYED.
Shewing the true position & bearings of the Banks, Shoals, Rocks &c, as likewise the Soundings:
To which have been added the several Works & Batteries raised by the Americans.
Taken by Order of the PRINCIPAL FARMERS on Rhode Island.
Engraved & Printed for WM. FADEN, Charing Cross, as the Act directs, July 22d. 1777.
SCALE of Statute Miles.

References to the BATTERIES    |    Number of Guns  |  Pounders |
A Providence Fort...........................       50              16 | 24
B. Pappasquash Battery...................       6                   18
C.C.Bristol Ferry Batteries..............        3                   18
D.D.Howlands Ferry Batteries........        7                18 | 24
E. Goats Island Fort.........................       25              18 | 24
F. Dyres Point Battery......................       20              18 | 24
G. Dumpling Rocks Battery..............        8                   18
H. Bistol Battery...............................        8                   18
A List of the Principal Farms in RHODE ISLAND.
Mr. John Collins               Mr. Scott
Mr. James Brenton           Mr. Isaac Lawton
Mr. Jahleel Brenton          Mr. Abraham Redwood
Mr. Benjamin Brenton      Mr. James Potter
Mr. Harrison                     Mr. Overing
Mr. Charles Wickham       Mr. Jepson
Mr. Church                        Mr. Rome
Mr. Jonathan Easton         Mr. Gould
Mr. Nicholas Easton          Mr. Tillinghast
Mr. Walter Easton             Mr. Thomas Banister
Mr. Robert Lawton            Mr. William Redwood
Mr. Barker                        Mr. John Banister
Mr. Honyman                    Mr. Dudley
Mr. Lopez                         Mr. Malbone
Mr. Elam                           Mr. Pease
Mr. Bowler                        Mr. Dyre & Mr. Wanton.
A. White Hall, with a Farm, the Gift of Revd. Dr. Berkeley to Yale College
B. Charity Farm,the Donation of John Clarke, Esqr, for the Relief of
    the Poor and bringing up Children unto Learning.
The COLONY of RHODE ISLAND is situated between the 41st. and 42d.
Degrees of N.Latitude, and between the 71st. and 72d. Degrees of W.Longitude, in the most healthy Climate in North America, to which many Inhabitabts
of the Southern Colonies and West India Islands resort in Summer as a place
of health.  The Winters are severe, though not equally so with that of the
other Provinces, but the Summers are delightfull, the violent and excessive
heats to which America in general is subject, being allayed by the cool and
temperate breezes that come from the sea.
    It enjoys many advantages. Has several large Rivers, and one of the finest Harbours in the World.  Fish of all kinds are in the greatest plenty and perfection. The horses are boney and strong, the Meat Cattle and Sheep are much the largest in America, the Butter and Cheese excellent, and every necessary of Life in Attendance.
    They have no established form of Religion.  Episcopalians, Independents, Quakers, Annabaptists, Saba-tarians, Jews, Moravians, and all other Sects whatever, have liberty to excercise their several professions.
    Newport, the chief town is situated upon an Island, of about 16 miles in length, and 4 or 5 in breadth, called Rhode Island, whence the Province takes its name.  It is the Capital City, and contains nearly 10,000 Inha-bitants.  It has a Town House, Market House, Library and a spacious Parade, but there is few private Buildings in it worth notice.
To the Right Honourable
Hugh Earl Percy,
Baron Percy, Lucy, Poinings, Fitz-Paine, Bryan & Latimer,
Lieutenant General of His Majesty's Forces
This PLAN is, with his Lordship's Permission,
Most-humbly Inscribed
by his most obliged
devoted & Obedient servt,
Wm. Faden.
Notes on the Blaskowitz map:

    This striking chart shows both topographical and hydrographical detail throughout Narragansett Bay and was the result of a survey by Charles Blaskowitz, a skilled British military surveyor who was assigned by Samuel Holland in 1764 to chart the coast of Rhode Island and see if the harbor of Newport could be used as a British Naval Base. On the other hand, the bastard may have been paid by the Rhode Island farmers to create a map for their purposes in 1771, then redrew the map with the positions of the defensive batteries and resold it to the British in 1777.  Recognized for its excellence in detail, the chart was subsequently used by the British after their occupation of Newport and deployment of their ships in the Bay, in the Revolutionary War. The chart shows Providence & Providence Bay, Mount Hope Bay, Conanicut Is., Prudence Is., Hog Is., Bristol Bay, and principal coastal towns.  It also shows a street block plan of major towns.  It also locates forts, batteries, principal farms with farmers names; harbors, capes, points, bays and islands, soundings, shoals and dangers in the Bay....but Gaspee (Gaspe) Point is not prominently listed as a danger (You'd think they would have learned).
    Of note for our purposes, is that Blaskowitz misspelt Pawtuxet as Patuxent, mislabelled Occupasspatuxet Cove as Patuxent Cove, and mislabelled Green Island as Little Island.

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