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Recipe for Revoluton:  A New Flavor to an Old Story
The author of this little ditty is unknown.  It appeared in a program for the Gaspee Days, June 7-8, 1978
  • 1 schooner H.M.S. Gaspee
  • 1 packet Hannah
  • 1 despicable Lieutenant William Dudingston
  • 1 clever Captain Benjamin Lindsey
  • A Stamp Act
  • A sandbar
  • About 64 angry colonitsts, including John Brown and Abraham Whipple
  • 8 longboats
  • muskets, powder horns, and bullets
  • 1 torch
  • 1 extra straw
  1. On June 9,1772, mix Gaspee, Dudingston and Stamp Act and float per order of King George III to Rhode Island in large bowl of water. Agitate persistently.
  2. Combine Hannah and Lindsey. Pursue with previous mixture, using plenty of delaying tactics and aggravation. Add extra straw.
  3. Pass over sandbar. The Gaspee mixture should stick to the bottom.
  4. Place Hannah combination aside in Providence and spread word
  5. In a separate container—a Sabin Tavern will suffice—mix angry colonists, Brown and Whipple, muskets, bullets, and rum to taste. Inspire to action.
  6. A few hours later, place near Gaspee mixture which should still be stuck on the sandbar. Put bullet in groin of Dudingston, then remove Dudingston and crew and bring ashore.
  7. Ignite torch and light up Gaspee. Simmer slowly until nothing remains.
  8. Keep colonists anonymous for years.
  9. For a topping, sift letters from House of Burgesses in Virginia through 13 colonies and form Committees of Correspondence. Gel for a year until it becomes the First Continental Congress.
America's 'First Blow for Freedom' TM
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