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Gaspee Post Cards and Envelope Special Issues

Specially issued post card datemarked June 9, 1773 on the 201st anniversary of the attack on the HMS Gaspee by Rhode Island patriots.  Painting is adapted from that of Brownell.
1936PC Gaspee-RI Tercentennial Commemorative Envelope of 1936 bought on eBay.

1906 Post Card by the Hugh C. Leighton Co.  Postcard depicts the RI State Capitol, the Burning of the Gaspee by Brownell, then current Governor George H. Utter, and the RI State Seal

1990 25th Annerversary of Gaspee Days cover envelope. Image by J. McKevin
Gaspee (Sabin's) Point Lighthouse that once stood in the Providence River (Narragansett Bay), Rhode Island.  It was located about a quarter of a mile offshore and stood on the east side of the River marking a sharp turn in the river's channel.  It was burned and removed in 1968 to make way for the widening and deepening of the Providence River channel.  This card was published by Blanchard Young & Co. of Providence, Rhode Island - #C 900
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