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Hazel Wade Kennedy was a well known local historian, a direct descendant of Rhode Island founder Roger Williams, a Charter Member of the Gaspee Days Committee, and our first organizational historian. We proudly name this site in her honor. This page contains only the archives and the history of the Gaspee Days Committee itself or of commemorative items and markers.  For the website about the history of the Gaspee Affair that we celebrate, go to the Gaspee Virtual Archives at

History of the Gaspee Days Committee
Historical Gaspee Markers and Points of Interest
  • Expeditions to Find the Gaspee
  • The Sabin Tavern
  • Gaspee Street, Providence
  • Gaspee Overlook and Slate Marker
  • Gaspee Point
  • Stillhouse Cove Marker
  • Peck Lane Marker
  • Gaspee Memorabilia and Artifacts
  • Gaspee Mace
  • The Gaspee Torch Light c1840
  • Gaspee Commemorative Coins & Medallions
  • Gaspee Centennial Teacup & Saucer, etc
  • Gaspee Days Beer Stein
  • Gaspee Days Ceramic Mug
  • Gaspee Silver Cup Plunder
  • Gaspee Commemorative Silver Spoon
  • Gaspee Post Cards
  • Gaspee Commemorative Plates
  • Gaspee Glass Bottle, etc.
  • Gaspee Chocolates
  • Gaspee Christmas Ornament
  • Gaspee Clock
  • Gaspee Woodcarving
  • Gaspee Silhouette
  • The Hannah
  • Freedom Award
  • Ballad of the Gaspee Affair 45 Record 
  • The Gaspee Commission Box
  • The Ephraim Bowen Gaspee Cane
  • Obsolete Bank Note with Gaspee
  • The Gaspee Incident in Fiction
  • Gaspee Tattoo
  • Colonial Recipes
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